Shopping for a Garage Door: The Do’s and Don’ts

garage-door8Almost all of us owns a garage, however, not all have the experience needed when it comes to shopping for a new garage door. That’s why, when it’s time to replace an old garage door, we tend to get overwhelmed with all the choices we’re required to make.

It’s easy to determine if a garage door needs to be replaced and it’s beyond repair. This includes rotting wood on the bottom, peeling paint, sagging, dented steel, worn or rusted hardware, lights coming through the bottom, and faulty operation.

Those who are renovating their house might be in need of a garage door replacement as well. Contrary to popular belief, new garage doors aren’t as expensive as what you thought it to be, and you can install this yourself if you want to. Installing a garage door is also one of the best ways to improve the look of a home’s exterior within just a few hours of installation.

There are several things to pay attention to before you start shopping for a new garage door:
garage-door71. A garage door can be painted: For those whose issue is the color of their garage door, or the coating is dirty, it’s better to consider a paint job instead of a garage door replacement.
2. If the problem is a single panel, there’s always the possibility that you’ll find a replacement for it without the need to replace the whole door. Just look for a serial number located on the bottom of the panel and call the manufacturer or supplier who sells the same brand of garage door.
3. If the garage door is still somewhat new, it’s possible to order a matching panel.

If the problem is beyond the issues mentioned above, here are some tips that can help you buy a new garage door replacement.

1. Check the Material
Although there’s no “best” material for a door, there’s probably an ideal choice depending on one’s home. It’s important to familiarize yourself about the different materials used to make a garage door and see which one you like most.

2. Cost
Just like with everything else, you have a choice– either spend a lot or spend less. That’s why it’s important to do your research first in order to determine which company offers the best deal.

3. Style
As a homeowner, you have to pay attention to style and detail when shopping for a garage door. Houses are built in styles; therefore, the garage door should blend with it or complement these styles.

4. DIY?
If you want to reduce the overall expenses, it’s highly recommended to install the garage door yourself– that’s if you really know what you’re doing.

5. Find an Installer
If you think that you can’t handle the installation yourself, then you should look for a certified garage door replacement service. Orlando Garage Door Pros is one of the best garage door replacement companies in Florida, giving you the assurance that you don’t have to worry about anything during the installation process.

There you have it. These are just some of the things that you should pay attention to during your search for the best garage door replacement available.

Reasons for the Breaking of the Garage Door Springs

garage-door6The spring in the garage door is responsible for lifting the heavy door. It is very important to understand the working of the torsion spring as spring breaking is a common and complicated problem. At times people are not aware how the spring works, why it breaks, and how to fix it.

Some of the following reasons for breaking of the springs are mentioned below:

1. Overuse and Erosion

One of the most common reasons for the spring breakage is overuse of it. The average lifespan of a spring is about 10,000 cycles, one cycle being the garage door opening and closing completely. It may seem a lot to you but what if your spouse is going for work and then after a while you. So, it counts to two cycles for just getting the car out.

2. Rusting
garage-door-spring-replacement8Rust on any object reduces its life span. Eventually, it converts an object entirely into rust and disintegrates. Rust on springs is responsible for increasing the friction on the coil when it crosses the corrosion factor and weakens the coil. To avoid the rust, use anti-rust spray four times a year. This will keep it well lubricated and prevent the rust. Also, keep a check on the moisture on the springs. With time; oxygen, water and any iron object converts into rust.

3. Two Torsion Springs
Some of the garage doors consist of a long torsion spring across the entire door. Builders do it to cut cost. Instead, they should put one on each side. One spring works fine for small and light doors but for large and heavy doors it is important to have two springs one on each side. This will divide the load on a spring. The lifespan of single spring is short.

4. Lack of Maintenance
As it’s pretty obvious, every spring will break with time. You can increase the lifespan of a spring with proper maintenance. Keep a check on the rust and spray the anti-rust spray four times a year. Avoid cost saving and go for two springs. Avoid opening the door frequently. Every season keep a check on the door balance and especially in the winter season. Most of the springs fail in the winter season. You can check the balance of the door by lifting the door till halfway and then leave it. If the door is completely still that means the springs are fine and if the door hangs and falls even a little that means springs need your attention. Proper maintenance will not only prolong the life span of spring but you will also have an idea when your spring is about to fail and you can deal with the breaking of the spring as well as the procedure involved with fixing it.

Proper maintenance is thus paramount for any garage door to remain operational as well as give your the security service it should. To achieve these you need to have your Garage door checked by Garage Door Torsion Spring Repair Cleveland OH technicians. This way you will ensure a long lifespan of your treasured guard.

Tips On How To Find The Best 24 hour Garage Door Repair Expert

garage-door12When you want to get the best garage door repair services, there are a lot of things that you need to keep in mind if you want to find the right person for the job. Remember, garage door repair is something that can’t be done by just anyone. You have to find a person who knows exactly what to do. Hiring the wrong person when you need 24 Hour Garage Door Repair Cincinnati will not only make you lose your hard earned money, it may also make you garage door situation get worse than it was before. Fortunately, there are simple things that you can to find the right garage door repair specialists. The things that you should do include;

  1. Consider experience

A garage door repair specialist with more experience is likely to provide you with better services than one who has not been providing these services for a long time. That is why you should find someone who is experienced to deal with your garage door problems. A person with experience has dealt with so many garage door problems before. The problem that you have with your door is probably something that the experienced garage door expert has dealt with several times before. This makes him know the best way to go about your problem. It will not take a long time for an experienced garage door repair expert to fix yiur garage door. The garage door pro will be out of your home sooner than you expect. This is because he has mastered different repair techniques used to solve common garage door issues. You can be sure that your garage door will be repaired in the best way possible when it is fixed by a person who is experienced.

#2. Get reviews from other people who have sought garage door repair services before

garage-door4There is no better way to tell whether a given 24 Hour Garage Door Repair Cincinnati specialist provides quality services than getting reviews from people who have sought his before. If the people who sought the services of the repair specialist before you are happy with the services they got, there is a high chance that you too will be happy with the services that you are going to receive. Many positive reviews indicate that a given garage door repair pro has been making clients happy consistently in the past. You should be wary of garage door repair professionals with a lot of negative reviews. You should raise a red flag when a given repair professional has more negative reviews than positive reviews. If other people who sought the services of a given garage door repair specialist before were not happy with the services they received, it is highly likely that you too will not be happy with the services that you are going to receive.

  1. Conduct an interview

Before you decide to designate a given 24 Hour Garage Door Repair Cincinnati specialist as your regular repair professional, you should find time to conduct an interview. Do not hire anyone before you conduct an interview. There is a lot that you are going to learn from an interview. The information that you will gather from an interview will help you make an informed decision on whether you should choose a given garage door repair specialist or not. During the interview, ask all the garage door repair questions that you have in mind. Do not be afraid to ask any question. Remember, it is your chance to get as much information as you can from the person that you intend to trust your garage door with. Pay keen attention to the answers that you going to get for your questions. Avoid any garage door repair professional who does not want to have an interview with you. It is not a must to have a one on one interview. You can conduct your interview over the phone.

Just by doing these simple things, you will be able to find the right garage door repair professional to help you deal with your garage door problems. Your garage door can develop problems when you least expect. You need a 24 hour garage door repair expert who will be at your door step as soon as possible.

The Battle Between Mother Nature and Garage Doors in El Paso

garage-door6Garage doors in El Paso Texas are exposed to harsh climatic conditions all year round which causes damage. The scorching sunshine in summer fades the color on the doors, the heavy rains during spring and the hail or snow in winter may cause the springs to rust and break. Fortunately, Quality Garage door repair El Paso offers preventive maintenance checks. We mainly focus on helping garage doors withstand even the worst climatic conditions.

The scorching sun fades the color of garage doors and makes them less appealing. Most homeowners considers repainting the doors which is quite expensive and tedious. Some people choose to repaint the garage doors themselves so as not to incur the cost of hiring a professional painter but they risk picking the wrong shade of color or even worse, spilling the paint on the driveway.

garage-door5Not only does the sun fade the color of garage doors, it also makes the lubricants in garage door system to dry out. Excess humidity also leads to a buildup of moisture in the wood making the door to swell.

Panel replacement is the best way to correct damage caused by the sun. At garage Door Repair LLC, we refresh the functionality and appearance of garage doors in no time.

In areas that experience severe climatic changes; the days are humid the temperatures fall at night, homeowners should pay attention to the system of their garage doors as such climates can lead to the deterioration of different parts of garage doors such as the springs.

Damaged springs ruins the whole garage door system and should only be replaced by a professional team like ours. Contact us any time and arrange a convenient time for us to come replace the damaged parts.

Freezing temperatures makes the springs and cables to freeze and you should contact us when this happens. Most homeowners usually wait for the system to defrost but a part may have snapped causing permanent damage.

Weather stripping is an important piece to all garage doors to protect it from harsh weather conditions. The vinyl rubber keeps outside elements from leaking inside and also prevents bugs and small rodents from inhabiting in the garage. Weather replacement seals also require inspection to ensure that they are working properly

Mother Nature can damage even the strongest garage door system but maintaining a good relationship with a garage door expert like Garage Door Repair LLC, you can be assured that we can easily repair all types of weather damage.